Don’t Rush Town Halls

Clash of CDon't Rush Your Downhilllans is a game that allows you to advance a town or base from one to ten. As you go up in bases, you gain more power and more defenses.  One of the biggest allures of rushing your town hall is the siren’s call of XBows and Inferno Towers. Players rush to upgrade their town halls to show off or buy new things. This is possibly the biggest mistake you can possibly make and will severely impede your enjoyment of the game.

Here are a few reasons why you should put off raising your town hall before you have completed upgrading your defenses and troops:

Cost to Attack. As you increase your town hall, the cost to attack becomes greater. Where you might be used to paying 250g per attack, the cost goes up dramatically. At town hall 9, you will find each time you advance, the cost is 750g. At town hall 10, this number increases to 1000g per attack.

Lack of Experience. There is a lot to be said about wisdom and experience. Even if you have the best troops and defenses, if you don’t know how to use them, you are going to be beaten. Certain attacks take a lot of skill and finesse and that can only be gained through repetition. By the time that you finally hit town hall 10, you should have thousands of attacks under your belt and your defenses should provide you with maximum protection.

The Loot Multiplier. The higher the town hall you have, the more your loot is cut down if your opponent has a lower level town hall. This isn’t a minor penalty, either. It’s a lot! So, if you have pushed your town hall to the maximum prematurely, then you are going to have to find level ten town halls to fight if you want to have a fair amount of loot. Can you do this if your giants are only level 4? Probably not. This penalty can be as much as 50%, which means you have to go against experienced players who have taken their time raising their bases. Soon, you will find out that you are making no gold or elixir.

The Damage vs. the Cost: Everyone wants their X-Bows and Inferno Towers. It’s human nature. But if you go by the numbers, you can do more damage, collectively, with your lower level defenses. What is worse, if you are two or more upgrades behind when you make the switch, it will be harder to get those upgrades because of the loot multiplier.

Here is an interesting video (full of math) that explains the problems with rushing your town halls.

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