Falcon’s Nest Slang

You might have heard one of our members talking about troops or other parts of the game, but have no idea what we were talking about. One of the benefits of being in a tight knit clan is the closeness we have with our members. One of our older members is CGK who has given a slang name for many different aspects of the game. If you are in chat and don’t understand something, just ask. If you are still confused, here is a list of what we are talking about:

Cups: This is another name for Trophies. We call them this because it is quicker to write and, well frankly, they look like cups. Your cups (or trophies) do not have anything to do with the number of points the clan has accumulated.

Donkey: This has also been referred to as “flying donkey” or a “dragon”. The donkey got it’s nickname because it is stupid and stubborn. It never flies to exactly the spot that you want it to go to and will actually fly AROUND  target you intended for it to hit. Very frustrating and stubborn as a mule.

Pooping Monkey: Or plain “monkey”. This is the name given to the  flying dark troops known as minions who throw a round object at their enemies. They cannot be hit by the Barb King, Valkyrie, or Barbarians. It is also safe from attack from cannons and mortars. We call them flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz and, well, we all know monkeys like to throw their poop.

Harem of Mayhem: These are the little ladies with the pointed sticks known as archers. They are typically referred to as the Harem of Mayhem because you don’t typically attack with one archer. They come in groups and can do a lot of damage on the battlefield. What’s more they are cheap and fast. A specific type of attack used by the Harem of Mayhem is…

The Archer Rush: This is when you attack a base with 200 archers (or more) to mainly steal the loot on the outside of the walls and in the first layer within the base. A person good at the Archer Rush can typically 2 star a base – or even three star it! Not too bad for using only 40,000-60,000 elixir. While some people may say that this is an ineffective way to attack, the Archer Rush, personally, took me all of the way to Champions.

Old Men: Simply put, an Old Man is a wizard. We call them that because they look like old men who shouldn’t be on the battlefield. However, if you have ever used a level six wizard in your clan castle, you KNOW these units dominate the fight.

Piggy: Also known as “bacon” or a “slab of bacon”. The piggy is a Hog Rider. These are good troops, but really aren’t that effective to use without healing spells or at least being third level. Asking for too much bacon will get people upset with you. They are expensive to make and unless you know how to use them they die quickly.

Angels: Angels are not a religious statement. They are healers. They sort of look like an angel with their little bubble of healing as they float around the battlefield. The name also comes from an old saying from World War Two when they talk about having “Angels on our Wings” or protectors in a fight.

Fish: A fish is another name for the P.E.K.K.A. First off, it is easier to write out. Secondly, there is something fishy about the P.E.K.K.A. Even Clash of Clans questions whether the troop is a Samurai? A Robot?  Or something else!

Rock: A golem. They are made of rocks. They are hard as rocks. They are hard to break up.

Barch: This is short for attacking with BArbarians and ARCHers. The premise is that the barbarians take the heat from base defenses, while the archers attack from a distance.

Gowiwi: You may have heard of this term and not know what it is. A Gowiwi attack involves GOlems, WIzards, and WItches.  A Gowiwi attack is effective against Town Hall 10 bases.

Gowipe: Similar to the Gowiwi (shown above), but with GOlems, WIzards, and PEkkas. This is a poor man’s Gowiwi. A Gowipe is effective in taking down mature Town Hall 9 bases and lower Town Hall 10 bases.

Balloonian: Also called, Balloonion. Following a similar naming of the Gowiwi and the Gowipe, the Balloonian strategy involves Balloons and Minions. It is a 100% air attack and is highly effective against Town Hall 9 bases.

Lavaloonian: Balloons and Minions not enough? You can add Lava Hounds to the mix, as well. The Lava Hounds seek out Air Defenses and keep your balloons from being shot down so quickly. This is effective when your opponent has high level air defenses. It is particularly effective against mature Town Hall 9 bases.


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