History of Falcon’s Nest

History of Falcon's NestFalcon’s Nest was established in January of 2013 by two friends, Aaron (our Leader) and Aaron (Member). The original Falcon’s Nest was accidentally lost in June of that same year and rose from the ashes like a phoenix to become the clan that it is today. Still led by Aaron, the Falcon’s Nest has soared to new heights time and time again by alternating between times of pushing and farming. To date, we have been in the top 500 of all clans on the planet. Many of our members have been with the clan since its inception and many others are long time members with more than a year of experience within the ‘Nest.

In 2014, the Falcon’s Nest formed a war clan, Pink Elixer (sic), that is almost constantly at war. Pink Elixer is a Level 2 clan with nearly 40 wins to its credit.

Our Current Leadership in Falcon’s Nest is international and includes:

Aaron, Founder and Leader of the Falcon’s Nest [USA]
Nosfra2, Founding Member and Co-Leader of Falcon’s Nest [USA]
cgk, Long time member and Co-Leader of Falcon’s Nest [Germany]
DUQofURL, Long time member and Co-Leader of Falcon’s Nest [USA]
CAPTSAVEAHOE, Long time member and Founder/Leader of Pink Elixir [USA]
Helsbells11, Co-Leader in Falcon’s Nest [New Zealand]
Jordan, Co-Leader in Falcon’s Nest [USA]
Paulson, Co-Leader in Falcon’s Nest [USA]
N4INER, Co-Leader in Falcon’s Nest [Ireland]

The reason we choose co-leaders from around the globe is to ensure that a leader is always available to help new members and answer any questions that may come up.

Falcon's Nest and Pink Elixer