Stashing Elixir

You may have heard of someone “stashing elixir”. What is this and why should you do it?

This is a trick that Nosfra2 passed onto me when I first started playing the Clash of Clans. It’s really simple and it can save you millions of elixir – every week!

Wall BreakerHere is what I learned and it is brilliant! It works when you are done playing for the day and are planning to leave the game without an active shield.

Step One: Make sure your camps are full of troops.
Step Two: Fill all your barracks up with Wall Breakers or Lvl 2 Dragons or higher.
Step Three: Turn off the game! That’s it!

This will “hide” your elixir from anyone who might raid your base while it is unattended. In fact, they cannot even see the elixir! This means they can’t steal it from you, either.

In case you are wondering how much you can hide, I will give you an example. If you have maxed out your barracks to level 10 and you have: lvl 3 dragons, lvl 4 wall breakers, and lvl 5 archers, each barracks can hold 3 dragons, 7 wall breakers, and one archer (75 total units). This equates out to 125, 700 elixir per barracks or a whopping 502,800 elixir per night!

You can do the same thing with your dark barracks, but it isn’t as effective.

REMEMBER: Make sure that you empty those barracks before you start donating or raiding in the morning or you will have a lot of wall breakers or dragons that you don’t need.

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