Stealing Dark Elixir

I love stealing Dark Elixir (DE). It is the richest treasure out there and you need it for some of your best troops and all of your heroes. However, if you rely on your dark elixir drills to make the DE for you, you are going to wait forever and boosting those drills is impractical. So, you have to get good at sniping the DE from your enemies and hopefully not get revenged on a daily basis. Here is a basic guide to getting as much dark elixir as you can handle – without fear of being a target.

Start at Home: Look, if you are going after DE, you are going to get revenged. I don’t mind so much if I lose a 100,000 gold and elixir in a raid on my base, but it hurts when you wake up and a 1000 dark elixir is gone. The first step to do is to get a good base and protect that dark! Have decent walls, have maxed out defenses and and troops and be prepared for a beating. It happens.

Looking for a Base to Hit: The best bases to hit are town hall 9 bases right around the Gold 2 – Gold 1 leagues (about 1500-1750 trophies). These people have two dark elixir drills and typically a storage of at least level 4 so there is going to be some decent storage. Another good thing to look at is if they have a higher town hall than you, they will take an experience and loot penalty to attacking you, so it might ward off their revenge.  If you find one who doesn’t have an archer queen yet, even better, because they are probably saving up for the 40,000 DE initial investment. The perfect bases are usually found on the Wednesday following the start of a new league. Why? Because you can tell whether or not the person has raided yet. If they haven’t, those DE drills are usually full to exploding and pretty much unprotected. These will be your targets in this case. Depending on the make up of my army, you will want to find the easiest route to that DE Storage.

Army One: This is the grand-daddy of base destruction. You can almost guarantee a one or two star with this method and I typically 100% the base (giving me all the dark elixir). The make up of your troops is:

  • 8 Dragons
  • 40 Archers
  • Barbarian King
  • (3) Lightning Spells of at least lvl 4
  • Another dragon in your clan castle

It’s really a no-brainer on this one, although it is EXTREMELY expensive. You start off by hitting the heavy air defense (usually a five or six) nearest the DE Storage with all three lightning spells. That takes this out. Then, you use your archers and/or Barb King to take out another Air Defense on the ground. With half of the enemies Air Defenses destroyed, drop ALL EIGHT dragons as close as you can to the third Air Defense. They should take this out with no problem. When they start getting close to the fourth Air Defense, drop your Clan Castle as close as you can to the other Air Defense to distract it. This should 100% this base. I use this strategy all the time and it works. You just have to be careful that the enemy has enough DE and normal elixir to make this worth your while since you are spending in the range of 375,000 normal elixir on this attack. Make it worth your while.

Army Two: Not as effective, but considerably cheaper is the Archer Rush. Basically, you take maybe one or two dragons, your Barb King, and a whole mess of archers and attack the base. Target the resources and don’t worry about anything else (unless the town hall is out in the open). Watch for traps. For spells, I usually use Lightning here, as well, if I can’t get close to their DE drills or storage. The drills are MUCH better targets.

Army Three: Also, not as effective as Army One, but still gets the job done. This method consists of about 12 Wall Breakers, 60 Barbarians, 60 Archers, Barb King, and the rest Goblins. Basically, you use the Barbarians as meat shields, rush the Archers and blow big holes in the walls for your Goblins to attack en masse. Obviously, you are targeting the DE drills and storage. The closer to the center for the DE Storage, the less effective this method works. In fact, I rarely, if ever use this strategy.

I can usually pull 7,000-10,000 Dark Elixir per day doing this so I know that it works. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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