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You joined Falcon’s Nest and you are happy with the clan. You immediately find out that we offer great donations and that some of our players fight over the ability to be quickest to give you whatever troops you want. It isn’t out of the ordinary for people to have 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000+ donations in a single 2-week season. Most of the time we have people begging to become a part of our clan.  So, why were you kicked out? There can be a variety of different reasons for this, so here is a list of answers to help you STAY with the Falcons and avoid being kicked out. Hopefully, by following these simple rules, you will become a loyal and lifelong Falcon – just like so many others enjoy.



Above all else, there is no swearing, cussing, or vulgarities allowed within the clan chat. Our Falcons range in age from young children to grown adults, so we try to keep the environment as classy as possible. If you swear in the clan chat, typically you will be given a warning, depending upon the severity of what you typed. After that…see ya! All elders, co-leaders, and the leader have the right to kick you on the spot for swearing, so don’t do it. Also note, this is a rare rule that it applies to everyone. In many cases, if you are an elder, you will be demoted to member. However, in this case, you aren’t given that choice. You are gone if it happens…



As a clan, we are a community that helps one another. The way to do this in the clan is to donate troops. You should ALWAYS donate the troops that a person requests. Do not make substitutions without asking first AND receiving a reply. If a person asks for Wizards 5+, then do not give him/her giants or wizards level four. The amount of donations you give within the clan is equally as important. The general rule of thumb is that you never ask for troops before donating and you should always donate a steady supply of troops.  Many people in the clan will stop donating to you all together if your requests are higher than your donations.  For example: if you have donated 5 troops, but have asked for 20 troops, people may stop donating. This is what is called 1:4, meaning that you have asked for four times as many troops as you have donated. You can figure this out by taking the total number of troops you have received and dividing it by the number of troops you have donated.

Example: You have requested 20 troops and you have donated five troops. 20 divided by 5 = 4. Your donations are 1:4.

Once this magical number reaches 1:5, you are in danger of being kicked out of the clan. We usually do this once a week on Sundays to give you a chance to catch up. If the donations exceed six times or more, you may be kicked out immediately. Elders will be demoted on the spot and will have to abide by the new rules. An example of this would be that if you obtained elder at 1800 trophies and the new rule states that you now need 2000 trophies to be elder, you must reach the new goal of 2000 trophies to be considered.



We are a growing clan. We can’t grow if we allow everyone who wants to join us into the clan. Because of this, the rule (currently, at the time of this writing) is: NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED INTO THE CLAN WHO IS BELOW A TOWN HALL 8 OR HAS LOWER THAN LEVEL FIVE ARCHERS. There are no exceptions for new members. For those people within the clan already, they have been grandfathered in before this rule was established. It isn’t anything against your friend or schoolmate or brother. NO EXCEPTIONS. When they achieve Town Hall 8 AND have level 5 archers, they are more than welcome to join us. Think of this rule in these “real world” terms: You want to drive a car. The law says that you must be 16 years of age AND have a valid driver’s license to be able to drive. You might be an excellent driver and have everything it takes to be behind the wheel of a car, but you are only 15. You can’t drive. You can’t get your license. It is nothing against you as a person. It is the law of the land. In this case, it is the law of the Falcons. When you have the requirements, request to join. Until then, we wish you well.



You may have noticed a link on this page that is called “MISSING IN ACTION”. These are people who did not bother to fight in the Clan Wars. Because of this, we might have lost the war due to lack of participation. Everyone wants to win in the wars, so we have to do something if you are unable or unwilling to participate. It is not that we dislike you or have anything against you personally. However, if you are a no show it hurts everyone right in their pocketbook (i.e. their gold and elixir reserves). Do this enough times and you will be let go from the clan for someone who will help us win wars. Additionally, winning wars means “getting stars”. If you consistently attack bases that have already been attacked and bring in little to no stars into the clan during the war, you might be kicked. We insist on smart and productive clan members when it comes to wars.



Sometimes you might get kicked through no fault of your own. It could be because we are on a push and you are low man on the totem pole. It could be just to make room for someone else. It happens. We are a clan in demand. If this is the case, typically, a co-leader or the leader will explain this in your dismissal notification. In this case, you are always more than welcome to join back up. Sorry, but it is just a fact of life. Or, if you prefer this classic from high school or college, “it’s not you, it’s us.” Either way, we know it sucks, but there is nothing that can be done at the time.

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